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Course Name Channel Name
BAOU Social Connect BAOU-Social-Connect
English (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-English
English (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-English
English (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-English
Economics (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Economics
Economics (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Economics
Economics (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Economics
Gujarati (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Gujarati
Gujarati (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Gujarati
Gujarati (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Gujarati
Hindi (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Hindi
Hindi (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Hindi
Hindi (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Hindi
History (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-History
History (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-History
History (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-History
Political Science (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Political Science
Political Science (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Political Science
Political Science (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Political Science
Public Administration (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Public Administration
Public Administration (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Public Administration
Public Administration (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Public Administration
Sanskrit (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Sanskrit
Sanskrit (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Sanskrit
Sanskrit (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Sanskrit
Sociology (First Year) BAOU B.A.-FY-Sociology
Sociology (Second Year) BAOU B.A.-SY-Sociology
Sociology (Third Year) BAOU B.A.-TY-Sociology
MEG (First Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-I-English(MEG)
MEG (Second Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-II-English(MEG)
MGT (First Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-I-Gujarati(MGT)
MGT (Second Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-II-Gujarati(MGT)
MHD (First Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-I-Hindi(MHD)
MHD (Second Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-II-Hindi(MHD)
MSO (First Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-I-Sociology(MSO)
MSO (Second Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-II-Sociology(MSO)
MSW (First Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-I-Social Work(MSW)
MSW (Second Year) BAOU M.A.-PART-II-Social Work(MSW)
B.Com. (First Year) BAOU B.Com-FY
B.Com. (Second Year) BAOU B.Com-SY
B.Com. (Third Year) BAOU B.Com-TY
MLIS Master-In-Librarary-Science (MLIS)
B.Ed. B.Ed.
Spl.B.Ed Spl.B.Ed
BCA BCA Programme
Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN) BAOU_CFN
Certificate in Yog Science (CYS) BAOU_CYS
Certificate in Nechropethi (CIN) BAOU_CIN
Certificate in Childcare and Development(CCCD) BAOU_CCCD
Certificate in Computer Concept - BAOU(CCC) CCC Programme

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