Study Guidance

Study Guidance

The university provides ample support to its students for accomplishing their courses successfully. For these, the university has adopted a multimedia approach.

Here is a list of support services available to the students.

Study centers are functioning all over in Gujarat State. These centers perform four major functions: organizing contact programmes, providing library facilities, disseminating information and advice, and making audio/video services available. You will be allotted a study centre shown in Application Form.

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At the Study Centre you will be attached to councelors. They will be the immediate point of contact for you, and will guide you in the programme study. The purpose of such a contact programme is to answer your questions, clarify your doubts, besides giving you an opportunity to meet your peers.
Students are supplied with printed Self Instructional Material in a set which includes instructional mode, consisting of introduction, objectives, structure of unit, main contents, self-check exercises and unit - end activities.
The Audio/Video programmes are meant to supplement the print material supplied.
Live phone-in counseling is provided on radio by invited subject experts. These sessions are conducted for an hour every month on 4th Sunday on All India Radio, Ahmedabad. You can ask questions right from your home on telephone.
The Video programmes are conducted via satellite through Remote Sensing and Communication Centre (RESECO) Studio, Gandhinagar. The information regarding the programme is available at the study centers, learner will have to go to the nearest reception centre for availing the benefit of this facility. Learner may contact on telephone for query if any.
Once enrolled, students of BAOU are provided with a highly interactive e-support. To know more and login as a guest, please click here: Students log-in.
The purpose of assignment is to test your comprehension of the learning materials you receive from the University. All assignments should be submitted at the study centers, you will not be allowed to appear for the term end examination of a course if you do not submit the specified number of assignments in respective courses in time.

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