Objective of CIQA

Objectives of Centre for Internal Quality Assurance

  • prepare a Programme Project Report (PPR) for each programme according to the norms and guidelines prescribed by the UGC and wherever necessary by the appropriate regulatory authority having control over the programme
  • get the Programme Project Report approved by the appropriate authority of the University and the Commission before launch of the programme
  • oversee the development of Self Learning Material (SLM), integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), setting up of Learning Centres and coordination with the parent institution and relevant Regulatory authorities
  • iv. put in place monitoring mechanism to ensure the proper implementation of Programme Project Reports
  • design annual plans for quality level enhancement at the level of the Higher Educational Institution and ensure their implementation;
  • arrange for feedback responses from students, employers and other stakeholders for quality related institutional processes;
  • develop quality benchmarks or parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the Higher Educational Institution;
  • obtain information from other Higher Educational Institutions on various quality benchmarks or parameters and best practices;
  • organise workshops or seminars on quality related themes and Higher Educational Institution wise dissemination of the proceedings of such activities;
  • suggest restructuring of programmes in order to make them relevant to the job market;
  • develop and implement innovative practices in major areas leading to quality enhancement in services to the learners;
  • create learner centric environment rather than institution centric environment;
  • develop and maintain a central database on academic and administrative activities of BAOU
  • adopt measures to ensure internalisation and institutionalisation of quality enhancement practices through periodic accreditation and audit;
  • conduct or encourage system based research to bring about qualitative change in the entire system;
  • coordinate between the Higher Educational Institution and the UGC for various quality related issues or guidelines;
  • record activities undertaken on quality assurance in the form of an annual report; and
  • to coordinate recognition and accreditation of the Higher Educational Institution.

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