Material Production and Distribution

Material Production and Distribution At Glance

  Material Department of the BAOU mainly functioning in two sub-division

  • Material Development & Printing
  • Study Material Repository and Dispatch

Material Production and Distribution & Printing

 This division of Material Department works breathlessly to improve and create self-learning material, revise contains/syllabus of material by periodical time, to provide structures of Paper/Syllabus in similarity with formations adopted by other conventional Universities Education System, data analysis of Student Enrolled and stock of books material, to Order for printing of self-learning material and purchase of reference books from the publication. Crucial Tasks of this department can be define as mentioned below:

  • Maintaining Stock of Master copies of the all books related to all courses (Certificate courses, Diploma Courses, Undergraduate Courses, Post-graduates courses). Approx. 350 books & 750+ Titles
  • Give order for Printing material course by course after analyzing the admission data, student enrolled data. Time by time revision of syllabus/contains of self-learning material with the effect of technological changes and globalization.
  • Maintain supply chain management to provide Print copy (Hard-copy, bounded books material) to each student of all the courses they have enrolled with BAOU.
  • Develop course material and contains of new offered courses with the help of numbers of experts by forming a subject expert committees.
  • Continuously Coordination with all the subject experts to get in depth innovational ideas, changes to be made where it is needed, get comparison with system of other Universities.
  • This Reforms of Course represented to Subject Committees of, Councils, Academic Planning Board respectively.
  • Collected paper style/course style of various Universities as process for Introduce new competent syllabus/paper style in Bachelors Degree Program of BAOU from August-2017 admission term.
  • The Events organized by BAOU such as academic Seminars, workshops, training programs, Material Department take care for the publishing souvenir, invitation cards, leaflets, related document, proceedings, relevant books and etc.

Study Material Repository and Dispatch

  The Flow of the self-learning material books maintained by this division of Material Department. It take cares for all the inward and outward / inflow and outflow of printed materials. Crucial Task is to send and distribute this material must be reach to the enrolled student.
Tasks of this division of Material Department can be define as mentioned below:

  • Receive printed material, store with care of all received inward material at the right place arranging and ordering course wise and subject wise.
  • Calculation quantity matching with order given to particular printing press/organization.
  • Maintain stock of courses segment such as Certificate courses, Diploma Courses, Undergraduate Courses, Post-graduates courses.
  • Check material product quality and to identify there would be no misprinted pages in material inwarded to repository.
  • Make sets of Blocks of particular subjects and sets of books of particular course.
  • Make parcels of Subjects with the Data of the each student
  • Send above said parcels to all the student at the address of his/her residence by courier/Post.
  • Maintain track Data of day-to-day dispatch with Courier and Post.
  • Provide Books/material to Exam Department to give books to subject experts for paper setting & evaluation of examination answer-sheets and assignment.
  • Deliver books to students of Ahmedabad Regions’s Study Centres from University by the team of BAOU inviting student at Jyotirmay Parisar Repository Devision.
  • Prepare stock report calculating manual method, each and every book/material laid in repository.
  • Send Information Booklet to all the Study Centres of BAOU as pre-admission task for Admission procedure as per pre-decided, expected Enrollment Data given by Admission Department.

Storage Places for Printed Material

  • Study Material Repository and Dispatch department has 2 big size godown as Storag and work place.
  • Department has 23Big size (4*4) Stands and 568 Racks/cupboards for storage of Study Material

Working Hours

  • Apart from regular hours (10:30am to 6:10pm) this department works untill the task is not done.
  • Many times Departments keeps working overnight when found needed.
  • Department works in even in saturday sunday and public holidays at the time of bulk tasks.

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