Basics of Open University

Basics of Open University

Though open universities in India are gaining momentum, most of the potential students thinking of going for a course offered by an open university generally have a series of questions.

Here we have tried to simplified the facts and aspects of open learning.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

As the term itself suggests, when a student completes a course away from an actual campus, it is generally called open learning. It is also known as distance learning. This type of learning includes many types of learning, including classes available through mail and also online classes.

The development and acceptance of "Distance Education" both in the developed and developing countries is growing fast. The reason behind such an acceptance is its flexible approach and user friendly technique of education. It can provide a viable alternative for everyone who needs to pursue education further to expand his horizons of knowledge, to sharpen his existing knowledge, to upgrade his knowledge, skill and training and thereby, making learning a fulfilling experience.

Open learning means you study in your own time. You read course material, work on course activities, write assignments, and get the qualification.

Almost from anywhere. In open learning, you need not attend regular classes. Open learning means that you study on your own, at home or wherever it suits you.
Apart from other regular students, this flexibility helps physically challenged people and housewives in pursuing higher studies from their home, and also the working people in advancing their studies with their job. Even prisoners can pursue their study during their imprisonment.
It depends on how disciplined you are in your study. Generally, it is suitable for people who want to choose when and where they want to study. As explained above, it is surely perfect for people with jobs, children, disabilities, or commitments that make it hard to go to a fixed place.
In open learning you study on your own, but for that you are provided with ample support from the open university. The support from BAOU ranges from printed course material to online support. Students are also supported with district wise study centers.
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Like all regular courses, open learning courses also ends with an exam. The BAOU offers well structured courses with certain methods of evaluation and standards of success.

Currently, the BAOU offers 38 programmes and more than 1,00,000 learners have enrolled to pursue their educational goals.

You can surely be one of them!

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