Centre for Electronic Media Production (CEMP) - Chaitanya Studio


  Today TV and Radio have come up as very powerful mediums of edutainment. They provide education with the fun and concentration of entertainment. Considering the importance and need of imparting quality education and training by TV and Radio production as a part of the curriculum of the University, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Government of Gujarat has initiated two projects through its state-of-the-art Studio and Radio. They are named as „Swadhyay TV‟ and „Swadhyay Radio‟. These innovative project initiatives by BAOU, facilitate web based learning through video and radio. A state of the art High Definition TV and Sound recording studio with post production facilities supplement these initiatives to ensure high quality educational content production. This facility and initiatives will also work towards enriching the archival system for OMKAR-e (Online Courses at BAOU).

  The great initiatives facilitates Internet enabled High definition Television called "Swadhyay TV” and Internet enabled Radio station called "Swdhyay Radio” at the "Jyotirmay” campus of University. The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University has established a state-of-the-art HDTV and sound recording studio called "Chaitanya” with post production facilities suitable for premier educational institution with required infrastructure for production of TV and audio content. BAOU utilizes these facilities for preparation of audio/video instruction material for its courses as well as content development of other subjects.

Studio Department General Work

  • Making fixed point chart for lecture recording,
  • Telecast of recorded and live content,
  • Prepare production reports,
  • Solve technical problems,
  • Allocate recording time for experts,
  • Edit recorded content,
  • Technical setup for outdoor shooting and programme in Gautam Hall,
  • DVD cover design,
  • Background Graphics design according to subject
  • Prepare the time table for broadcast
  • Storage, Backup and Archiving the edited content on Electronic Media Asset Management System
  • Maintenance of dead stock register for purchased tools and equipment
  • Upload content on YouTube
  • Banner Design

Facilities available at "Chaitanya” Studio

  1. 20’x20’ floor carpet area studio
  2. Studio setup (Round table with 5 member sitting 1’ stage platform)
  3. Chroma curtain background
  4. Professional studio 3 Sony camera with Teleprompter facility
  5. Professional 2 ENG Camera for outdoor shooting
  6. Professional studio lights
  7. International standard fully acoustic with HVAC facilities
  8. Production control Rome with Vision Mixer, Audio Mixer, Digital light dimmer, Live Phone-In Facility.
  9. Point to Point Connectivity with BISAG for live telecast on VANDE Gujarat Educational Channel No 16 of recorded content.
  10. Non liner editing set up with software
  11. Graphic and other work station
  12. Document Camera
  13. Internet connection and Server Room with 35 TB storage facilities.
  14. Dedicated Audio Recording Setup
  15. Talkback system for presenter and cameraman
  16. Fire Alarm System
  17. Online UPS

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