Master of Science - Information Technology (MSCIT)

Master of Science - Information Technology (MSCIT)

  • The basic objective of the Master of Science - Information Technology is to provide to the country a steady stream of competent young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills and foundations for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of Information Technology.

Graduates possessing any faculty of any statutory University shall be eligible for admission to the Master of Science - Information Technology course.

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Semester Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Programming Concepts and Data Structure MSCIT-101 Sem-1 4 View View
2. Relational Database Management System MSCIT-102 Sem-1 4 View View
3. Internet and Web Designing MSCIT-103 Sem-1 4 View View
4. Fundamental of Operating System MSCIT-104 Sem-1 4 View View
5. Software Engineering MSCIT-105 Sem-1 4 View View
6. Practical based on MSCIT-101, MSCIT-102 and MSCIT-103 MSCIT-106 Sem-1 2 View View
7. Object Oriented Concepts and Programming MSCIT-201 Sem-2 4 View View
8. Web Application Development – LAMP MSCIT-202 Sem-2 4 View View
9. Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML MSCIT-203 Sem-2 4 View View
10. Fundamental of Computer Networking MSCIT-204 Sem-2 4 View View
11. Cloud Infrastructure and Services MSCIT-205 Sem-2 4 View View
12. Practical based on MSCIT-201, MSCIT-202 MSCIT-206 Sem-2 2 View View
13. Web Development Tools MSCIT-301 Sem-3 4 View View
14. Mobile Application Development MSCIT-302 Sem-3 4 View View
15. Object Oriented Technology MSCIT-303 Sem-3 4 View View
16. Cyber Security MSCIT-304 Sem-3 4 View View
17. Practical based on MSCIT-301, MSCIT-302,MSCIT-303 MSCIT-305 Sem-3 4 View View
18. Internship cum Software Development Project MSCIT-401 Sem-4 12 View View
    Passing (for each other)
  • Every candidate must secure 40% marks in each head of passing.
  • Internal Assessment through Assignments and Term End Examination

Learners can be admitted

Name: Dr. Himanshu Patel

Contact No.: +919909970286