Master of Science Cyber Security (MSCCS)

Master of Science – Cyber Security (MSCCS)

  • Cyber Security program teaches students to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and information systems that support modern organizations. The program focuses on both the fundamentals of information systems as well as advanced topics in areas such as network security, cryptography, risk management, security governance, business continuity, security architecture, physical security and critical infrastructures.

Graduates possessing any faculty of any statutory University shall be eligible for admission to the Master of Science - Cyber Security course

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Semester Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Principles of Cybersecurity MSCCS-101 Sem-1 4 View View
2. Fundamental of Computer Networking MSCCS-102 Sem-1 4 View View
3. Cyber Security Techniques MSCCS-103 Sem-1 4 View View
4. Computational Number Theory and Cryptography MSCCS-104 Sem-1 4 View View
5. Software Lab for MSCCS-103, MSCCS-104 MSCCS-105 Sem-1 2 View View
6. Web Development Tools MSCCS-201 Sem-2 4 View View
7. Cloud Infrastructure and Services MSCCS-202 Sem-2 4 View View
8. Application and Network Security MSCCS-203 Sem-2 4 View View
9. Cyber Attacks and Countermeasures: User Perspective MSCCS-204 Sem-2 4 View View
10. Software Lab for MSCCS-201, MSCCS-203 MSCCS-205 Sem-2 2 View View
11. Mobile Operating System and Security MSCCS-301 Sem-3 4 ViewView
12. Information Security Assurance: Framework, Standards and Industry best practices MSCCS-302 Sem-3 4 ViewView
13. Digital / Computer Forensics MSCCS-303 Sem-3 4 ViewView
14. Security Analysis and Reporting MSCCS-304 Sem-3 4 ViewView
15. Software Lab for MSCCS-303, MSCCS-304 MSCCS-305 Sem-3 2 View View
16. Hacking Techniques MSCCS-401 Sem-4 4 View View
17. Cyberspace and Its Governance MSCCS-402 Sem-4 4 ViewView
18. Software Lab for MSCCS-401 MSCCS-403 Sem-4 2 View View
19. Cyber Security - Case Study/Dissertation MSCCS-404 Sem-4 8 View View
    Passing (for each other)
  • Every candidate must secure 40% marks in each head of passing.
  • Internal Assessment through Assignments and Term End Examination


Name: Mr. Nilesh N. Bokhani

Designation: Assistant Professor