Certificate in Indian Poetics (CIP)

Certificate in Indian Poetics (CIP)

The Certificate Course in Indian Poetics is designed to provide basic knowledge of Indian Kavyashastra, Schools of Poetics such as Rasa, Alankara, Riti, Dhvani, Vakrokti, Auchitya; along with the contemporary discourses like Nativist and Feminist discourses in Indian Poetics.

10 + 2

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Introduction to Indian Poetics CIP-01 4 View View
2. Schools of Indian Poetics CIP-02 4 View View
3. Major Concepts, Categories and Theories of Poetics CIP-03 4 View View
4. Indian Poetics and Contemporary Discourses CIP-04 4 View View


Term End Examination

Passing Standard: 40%



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Course Fee

for Male
Rs. 1800/-
for Female
Rs. 1500/-
Code: CIP
Credit: 16
6 (Month)
2 (Year)