Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Application Development (PGDMAD)

Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Application Development (PGDMAD)

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Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Applications provides career options for learners in the emerging technology sector of Mobile Applications. The learner will possess the competent knowledge and skills to seek jobs in this sector.

The programme provides comprehensive knowledge, technical expertise and hands-on experience. This programme also provides students with an understanding of major aspects of mobile technologies. Learner will have an in-depth knowledge of Java and Android application development and testing of mobile apps

In this programme, learners will learn to develop mobile apps for various platforms. In addition to core fundamental courses, the offering will cover advanced topics in mobile app development, web and enterprise technologies, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), emerging technologies and more.

Any Graduate

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Semester Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Mobile Operating Systems PGDMAD-101 Sem-1 4 View View
2. Object Oriented Concepts And Programming Using Java PGDMAD-102 Sem-1 4 View View
3. Android Mobile Application Davelopment PGDMAD-103 Sem-1 4 View View
4. Software Lab for Introduction to Java PGDMAD-104 Sem-1 2 View View
5. Software Lab for Android Mobile Application Davelopment PGDMAD-105 Sem-1 2 View View
6. Advanced Android Mobile Application PGDMAD-201 Sem-2 4 View View
7. Cross Platform Mobile Application Davelopment PGDMAD-202 Sem-2 4 View View
8. Software Lab for Advanced Android Mobile Application PGDMAD-203 Sem-2 2 View View
9. Project PGDMAD-204 Sem-2 6 View View

Post Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development will be awarded after successful completion of first semester

There are two types of evaluations, continuous and term end examination. The weightage for both componets is given below
1) Continuous Evaluation Weightage : 30%
2) Term End Exam Weightage : 70%

  1. Continuous Evaluation : It Will be evaluated based on assignment. Students have to prepare two Tutor marked Assignments (TMA) for each paper. Students need to keep one copy of Tutor marked Assignments (TMA) with them and they have to submit original copy of Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) to their learner support center before appearing the exam and should take a receipt of assignment submission. Students have to collect assignment after evaluation from their learner support center.
  2. Term End Exam : For each paper the term end exam weightage will be of 70% of total marks. Students can appear for the term end exam of semester after submitting the required assignments for all papers. If student is not successful in the paper then student can give the exam of that paper in next term end exam within stipulated period of time as per their conveniences.
  3. Passing Criteria: The standard of passing in any paper is to secure 40% in continuous evalution(TMA) as well as in term end examination (TEE)


For the successful completion of the course, the student has to complete the assignments as well as Final examination with minimum scoring of 40% marks.

Name: Dr. Himanshu Patel

Contact No.: +919909970286