Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law (PGDCL)

Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law (PGDCL)

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The virtual world of internet is known as cyberspace and the laws governing this area are known as Cyber laws and all the netizens of this space come under the ambit of these laws as it carries a kind of universal jurisdiction.
Cyber law can also be described as that branch of law that deals with legal issues related to use of inter-networked information technology. In short, cyber law is the law governing computers and the internet.

Any graduate from a recognized university

Sr. No. Name of the subject Subject Code Year Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Cyber Space and its Governance PGDCL-101 Sem-1 4 View View
2. E-Commerce, E-Governance and E-Contract PGDCL-102 Sem-1 4 View View
3. Domestic Regulatory Framework PGDCL-103 Sem-1 4 View View
4. Digital Records and Cyber Forensics PGDCL-104 Sem-1 4 View View
5. Cyber Crime and Offences PGDCL-201 Sem-2 4 View View
6. Intellectual Property Rights in Cyber Space PGDCL-202 Sem-2 4 View View
7. Human Rights and Cyber Security Laws PGDCL-203 Sem-2 4 View View
8. Emerging Issues of Cyber Space PGDCL-204 Sem-2 4 View View


Constant Evaluation: (weightage– 30%)
Students will have to submit assignments given to them before the specified time limit.

Final Examination: (weightage– 70%)
Each student will have to appear for final examination at the end of the semester and if he/she could not clear examination, they can appear in the next final examination subject to maximum of four trials. If the student cannot clear the examination in four trials then he/she will have to re-register them self for the course.

For the successful completion of the course, the student has to complete the assignments as well as Final examination with minimum scoring of 40% marks.

Name: Mr. Nilesh N. Bokhani

Designation: Assistant Professor



Course Fee

Rs. 7500/-
Credit: 32
1 (Year)
4 (Year)