Diploma in Insurance (DIN)

Diploma in Insurance (DIN)

From the date Indian government has allowed private companies to work in insurance business, there is stiff competition in between private companies and government companies and even among private companies. Though the roots of government insurance companies are very deep in this country, private companies are giving enough fight to them. Private sector companies are very professional in their attitude and they are providing value added services. Due to privatization of insurance business many job opportunities have created, usually they consider the students of commerce field. A student who has done diploma course in insurance business will definitely have good prospects of getting a job. More over this course will help to get promotion who already working in insurance field. In the beginning phase of their work these private sector insurance companies have concentrated only in urban areas but later on they will expand their operation in rural areas, so the students in rural area will even get the benefits of such course. Moreover such type of course is normally not provided by any universities especially through distance learning. So this course may become help to the students in choosing and building their career in insurance field specially when they are under graduate students.

10 + 2

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Credit SLM Syllabus
1 General Insurance-1 DIN-01 8 View View
2 General Insurance-2 DIN-02 8 View View
3 Personal Insurance -1 DIN-03 8 View View
4 Personal Insurance -2 DIN-04 8 View View

Constant Evaluation: (weightage– 30%)
Students will have to submit assignments given to them before the specified time limit.

Final Examination: (weightage– 70%)
Each student will have to appear for final examination at the end of the year and if he/she could not clear examination, they can appear in the next final examination subject to maximum of four trials. If the student cannot clear the examination in four trials then he/she will have to re-register them self for the course.

  • For the successful completion of the course, the student has to complete the assignments as well as Final examination with minimum scoring of 40% marks.

Course Fee

for Male
Rs. 2200/-
for Female
Rs. 1600/-
Code: DIN
Credit: 32
1 (Year)
4 (Year)