Diploma in Creative writing in Hindi (DCH)

Diploma in Creative writing in Hindi (DCH)

  • To promote teaching and development of Hindi language
  • To develop Creativity
  • To guide all those aspire to develop their career in the field of Creative Writing.
  • To provide opportunities of learning and studying Hindi language to the present day in service employees of public and private secure

10+2 or (20 years who have not gone through 10+2)

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Credit SLM Syllabus
1. General Principles of creative Writing DCH-1 4 View View
2. Project DCH-07 4 View View
Choose any Three subject
3. Feature Writing DCH-02 4 View View
4. Writing of prose DCH-03 4 View View
5. Writing for Radio DCH-04 4 View View
6. Different social classes and Writing DCH-05 4 View View
7. Poetry Writing DCH-06 4 View View

(8 Credit : 100 Marks, 4 Credit : 50 Marks) (Weightage 100%) Term End Examination : (Weightage 100%)

  • Continuous Evaluation (Weightage 30%)
    • For Every course prescribed assignment within specified time limit and before the term end Examination must be Compulsorily submitted.
  • Term End Examination: (Weightage 70% )
    • student will be allowed to appear in the examination at the end of one year.
    • If the student is not successful in the Term End Examination, he/she will be allowed to appear with the subject concerned the exam within the Period of four years at his/her own convenience
    • If he/she fails to complete his/her course successfully during the period of four years, he or she will have to register his/her self again. He/ She will have to pay prescribed fees.
  • For the successful Completion of the Course, the student will have to score minimum 36% marks or ‘D’ grade separately in assignments and Term end examination. This will amount 45% in all. If this is not possible the student will have to reappear in the Term End Examination and he/she will have to secure 45% marks. He will have to submit prescribed number of assignments compulsorily.

Course Fee

for Male
Rs. 2600/-
for Female
Rs. 1800/-
Code: DCH
Credit: 20
1 (Year)
4 (Year)