Certificate Course in Spoken Sankrit (CSS)

Certificate Course in Spoken Sankrit (CSS)

  • To engage in simple and practical Sanskrit conversation.
  • To understand the meanings of Sanskrit prose and poetry.
  • To utilize syntax, appropriate tenses and inflections at the time of conversation.
  • To read and understand texts composed in Sanskrit literature and will feel gratitude for our sanskruti.

10th Pass

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Credit SLM Syllabus
1. भाषाप्रवेशः १ (१ तः १२) CSS-01 4 View View
2. भाषाप्रवेशः १ (१३ तः २४) CSS-02 4 View View
3. भाषाप्रवेशः १ (२5 तः ३६) CSS-03 4 View View
4. भाषाप्रवेशः १ (३७ तः ५०) CSS-04 4 View View
5. वाक्-परीक्षा (Viva) CSS-05 4 View View


Term end exam (Weightage 100%)
  • Students will be allowed to appear in the term end exam after six months
  • If he/she fails in one term-end exam, he/she will have to go for the exam of concerned subjects within the period two years at his/her own Convenience
  • Student failing to get through the exam. Successfully he/she will have to register his/her name again and pay the prescribed amount of fee again

For Completing the course successfully, candidate is required to secure minimum 40% of marks in each subject and Viva.



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Course Fee

Rs. 7,00/-
Code: CSS
Credit: 20
6 (Month)
2 (Year)