Certificate in Sound, Audio and Video Technology (CSAVT)

Certificate in Sound, Audio and Video Technology (CSAVT)

Certificate in Sound, Audio and Video Technology program prepares students for technical careers using audio-visual equipment in broadcast media, communications and multimedia-related industries. Students learn about a variety of subjects, including audio and electrical technology, engineering, music production, digital communication and digital media.
Certification is available for trained and skilled audio-visual professionals. There are various different audio visual program fields to study including audio engineering and production, audio visual systems, and audio visual production.

Std. 10 + 2 or equivalent

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Sound Technology CSAVT-101 4 View View
2. Video Technology CSAVT-102 4 View View
3. Practical CSAVT-103 4 View View
4. Project CSAVT-104 4 View View


4 Credit : 50 Marks, Weightage 100%

  • Students will be allowed to appear in the term end examination at the end of the period of six months.
  • If he/she fails in the term end examination he/she will be allowed to be appear in the term end examination within the period of two years.
  • The students failing to complete his course successfully within two years he/she will have to register his/her name again and pay the prescribed amount of fees.
  • Term end examination can evaluate the students through computer and/or through any person.


Every student is expected to get through the term end examination with 50% marks in total.

Name: Dr. Himanshu Patel

Contact No.: +919909970286

Email: himanshu.patel@baou.edu.in

Course Fee

Rs. 3,000/-
Credit: 16
6 (Month)
2 (Year)