Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)

Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)

The basic objective of the Master of Journalism Communication - is to provide to the country a steady stream of competent young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills and foundations for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Bachelors degree of any recognized university or professional degree..

Sr.No. Name of the subject Subject Code Semester Credit SLM Syllabus
1. Basic English Language Skills for Mass Media - 1 MJMC01 Sem-1 4 View View
2. Understanding Media, Mass Comm & Journalism MJMC02 Sem-1 4 View View
3. Media Occupations and Functions MJMC03 Sem-1 4 View View
4. Understanding the Society and Issues MJMC04 Sem-1 4 View View
5. Basic English Language Skills for Mass Media-2 MJMC05 Sem-2 4 View View
6. Digital Media, Social Media, Immersive Media MJMC06 Sem-2 4 View View
7. Reporting Skills - Print, Radio, TV and Convergence MJMC07 Sem-2 4 View View
8. Types of Professional Writing MJMC08 Sem-2 4 View View
9. Social Media Content and Marketing MJMC09 Sem-3 4 View View
10. Media Laws, Ethics and Challenges MJMC10 Sem-3 4 View View
11. Introduction to Essential Social Sciences MJMC11 Sem-3 4 View View
12. Editing - Sub-editing, Radio, TV programming MJMC12 Sem-3 4 View View
13. Media Business MJMC13 Sem-4 4 View View
14. Specialisations - Beat Reporting & Types MJMC14 Sem-4 4 View View
15. Introduction to Advertising, Public Relations & Corporate Communications MJMC15 Sem-4 4 View View
16. Visual communication MJMC16 Sem-4 4 View View
  • 40%
  • Internal Assessment through Assignments and Term End Examination
  • Learners can be admitted



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Course Fee

Rs. 10000/-
Per Semester
Code: MJMC
Credit: 64
2 (Year)
6 (Year)