Diploma in Operation Research (DOR)

The research work in respective fields has become almost compulsion for every company to survive in this competitive world. Many companies in United States and Europe accepted the concept of constant research in earlier days and that’s why they were leading in world. Many Indian companies who have to compete in international market with other MNC ’s had to use the same concept. Even the small companies have also started to provide for research expenditure in their budget as a matter of survival in this stiff competition. In each and every phase of research, analysis of data is essential and for such analysis techniques of operation and research are used. So a student can equip himself with different analytical tools through this course. In future it is certain that the research work will increase and there will be no reduction in the research work so a students can choose his career in analytical field and good combination of knowledge of operation research tools and computer techniques will give him success. So the proposed course can be of immense help to those students.

10 + 2

There will be 36 credits in total, contained within syllabus.

Sr No Name of Subject Subject CodeCredit SLMSyllabus
1 Basics of Operation Research DOR-1 8ViewView
2 Assignment and Transportation Problems DOR-2 8 ViewView
3 PERT & CPM DOR-3 8 ViewView
4 Other Methods of O.R. DOR-4 8ViewView

Constant Evaluation: (weightage– 30%)
Students will have to submit assignments given to them before the specified time limit.

Final Examination: (weightage– 70%)
Each student will have to appear for final examination at the end of the year and if he/she could not clear examination, they can appear in the next final examination subject to maximum of four trials. If the student cannot clear the examination in four trials then he/she will have to re-register them self for the course.

  • For the successful completion of the course, the student has to complete the assignments as well as Final examination with minimum scoring of 40% marks.



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Course Fee

for Male
Rs. 2200/-
for Female
Rs. 1600/-