Diploma in Multimedia and Animation (DMA)

Diploma in Multimedia and Animation (DMA)

Animation is the art of presenting still photographs with the help of various computer based techniques in a manner which gives an impression to the viewer that it is running like a film. It could be a mixed version of multimedia text, graphic art, sound, animation and video sourced through computer or some other electronic media. Multime
dia and Animation is now no more confined to cinema but it has become an integral part of the advertising, TV media, Education, Games, Cartoon serials etc.
Multimedia’s main role is to present the audio-video material in an aesthetic manner.
Animation is also related to it, which involves accurate combination of the design, drawing, layout and photography.

Std. 10 + 2 or equivalent

Sr. No.Name of the subjectSubject CodeCreditSLMSyllabus


1.Introduction to MultimediaDMA-1014ViewView
2.Digital ImagingDMA-1026ViewView
3.2D AnimationDMA-1036ViewView


1.3D AnimationDMA-2016ViewView
2.Audio Visual ProductionDMA-2026ViewView


Constant Evaluation: (weightage– 30%)
Students will have to submit assignments given to them before the specified time limit.

Final Examination: (weightage– 70%)
Each student will have to appear for final examination at the end of the year and if he/she could not clear examination, they can appear in the next final examination subject to maximum of four trials. If the student cannot clear the examination in four trials then he/she will have to re-register them self for the course.

For the successful completion of the course, the student has to complete the assignments as well as Final examination with minimum scoring of 40% marks.



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Rs. 5000/-