Gyan Bindu

Today, the speed with which the advent of communication technologies has changed the world around us is mind boggling. Such rapid development was unseen and unheard of. Today the world can been seen as more of a global village where each component is interconnected with innumerable other components. This frantic pace of development has led to either evolution in cultures and languages or has given birth to spurious and dynamic new linguistic cultures. Thus it becomes a tad difficult for ones selves to keep abreast with the new linguistic terms either generic or technical.

There are hundreds of thousands of phrases / concepts / phenomena or words which are used by various people in their day to day life but the meanings of those terms is either unclear, incomplete or partially understandable but still they are used on a breathtaking scale almost daily. Thus it becomes imperative that everyone is made familiar with such terms or phrases which would enhance their understanding and knowledge irrespective of cast, color or creed.

Gyan Bindu is a step towards that direction. Through this service it is envisaged that anyone in India will have a quick and reliable access to unfamiliar terms or phrases with minimal cost involved for availing the service.

The crux for the complete application is mobility. Anywhere, anytime when a person needs to have information or knowledge regarding some term / phrase they can have it quickly, reliably and cheaply just at the touch of a button. It’s information on fingertips in literal sense. Information is no longer dependent on other factors like location, person etc. Its availability is made right there on the spot and just when needed.

Thus for example any person who wants to have authentic, quick and reliable information to aid in enhancement of their knowledge base for the concerned phrase or word can easily make use of this service. The users have to just send an SMS containing the phrase to a central number. The online Gyan Bindu service by BAOU will send a return SMS to the users providing knowledge about the term which the user wanted to understand in a better manner.

Thus the average users benefit this way as they are kept abreast with the meanings of latest terminologies or buzzwords at the fraction of a cost. This will prove to be useful in vastly improving the knowledge of citizens about latest terminology.