Master of Arts In Sociology (MSO)

  • To promote the students for the intensive study of sociology .
  • To promote the students of sociology to study modern subjects.

Bachelors degree of any recognized university or professional degree.

This course comprises of 72 credits in all. The student will have to undergo the course of 36 credits in the first and second year each.
Sr. No.Name of the CourseCourse CodeCreditNo. of Blocks

First Year

1.Principles (Theory) of Sociology_1MSO-0188
2.Research Methods in SociologyMSO-0288
3.Indian SociologyMSO-0388
4.Gender and SocietyMSO-0488

Second Year

5.Principles of Sociology Part-2MSO-0588
6.Urban SociologyMSO-0688
7.Environmental SociologyMSO-0788
8.Regional SociologyMSO-0888
  • For the successful completion of the course the student is expected to score minimum 40% of marks in each subject or he has to secure at least 'D' grade in the examination.
  • Continuous (constant) Evaluation : (weightage 30%)

It is obligatory for the students to submit specified number of assignments concerned with each course within the specific time limit before the term-end-examination.

  • Term End Examination : (weightage 70%)

The students are expected to secure their admission of the first and the second year in August/February. After securing the admissions, the first examination will be held in next July/January. It means that they can appear at the examination after the duration of one year.