Certificate in Teaching of English (CTE)

  • To Promote teaching of English with the competency in English language.
  • To encourage education of English language in the rural and remote areas for the balanced development of the state.
  • To Promote equal Opportunities for acquiring competency in English language.
  • To develop human recourses knowledge of English language in the rural areas.
  • To provide opportunities of learning English to the present in-service employees working in public and private sectors.

Bachelor degree of any faculty or Three years B.E.L.ED or Two years PTT, ETT or 10 + 2 and Two years Teaching experience.

Their will be five subjects containing 20 credits.

Sr. No. Name of the Subject Subject Code Credit No. of Blocks

Optional Courses :

1. The Language Learner CTE-1 4 4
2. The Structure of English CTE-2 4 4
3. Teaching Strategies CTE-3 4 4

Optional Courses : (Select any one)

4. Teaching English - Elementary School CTE-4 4 5
5. Teaching English - Secondary School CTE-5 4 4

Term end exam (Weight age 100%)

  • Students will be allowed to appear in the term end exam after six months
  • If he/she fails in one term end exam, he/she will have to go for the exam of concerned subjects (courses) within the period two years at his/her own Convenience
  • Student failing to get through the exam successfully he/she will have to register his/her name again and pay the prescribed amount of fee again.
  • To Compete the Course Successfully every student will have to secure 36% of marks in each subject.