Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)

To be helpful to improve the quality of life through the common awareness of food and nutrition among common man. This course is especially advantage for woman. Woman who can complete this course successfully will be eligible to get service in Anganwadi or Balwadi or they can conduct cradle home and pre primary schools at their residence:

No academic qualification is required. Those who can read and write and who are 18 or more years of age are eligible to be admitted in this course.

Their will be four subjects containing 20 credits.

Sr No Name of Subject Subject CodeCredit No of Blocks
1. You and Your Food CFN01 64
2. Your Food and its utility CFN-01 65
3. You and Your Food CFN-01 43

(6 Credit : 7 Marks, 4 Credit : 50 Marks) (Weightage 100%)

  • Student can appear in the term end examination at the end of six months.
  • If he/she is not successful in the examination he/she can appear in the term end examination in the subjects concerned at his/her own convenience.
  • Student failing to complete this course successfully within the period of two year he will have to register his/her name again and pay the prescribed fees again.
  • In order to be successful in this course he/she is expected to secure 36% in each subject or 'D' grade respectively.